Polaris is a 2D platformer inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest and paintings by Swedish painter John Bauer.

Polaris is available for download on itch.io.

During this project I did not focus on any particular area of programming. I dabbled in the 2D physics, created many of the interactable objects (such as the falling rocks), and did some graphics and tooling stuff. For the graphics, we had a very interesting issue. The player is a star, and we wanted them to have a strong light emanating from their body. This, however, lead to the player themselves being very washed out and lose all detail. So I did some shader trickery to give us developers control over how much light each individual object would receive. It turned out to be a very useful feature, since we had a few characters other than the player who were also very white.

Youtuber Button Pushin' Cushion Let's Played Polaris!